In an ever-changing competitive environment, businesses should always adapt to on-going changes. Your supply chain is the foundation that supports your business; it is basically the key driver in the constant race against market changes. Without reliable partners like GES, you will face delays, incur unnecessary costs, and miss growth opportunities.
At GES - Logistics, we understand what's at stake. We are not only moving your cargo, but we are also keeping up with your customers' high expectations. We focus on agility, reliability, and efficiency to make sure you are ready for every opportunity that comes your way no matter how fast the market is changing.
Ask For Freight Services
Our professional team will work closely with you to deliver your product to your desired address, whether it's a pallet, a container, or even a thousand containers.
Sea Freight
With our vast experience in the market and our professional relationships with major carriers, we provide the very best services at the most competitive rates. We offer both FCL and LCL services for all your imports, exports, and cross shipping. Whether you are looking for a door-to-door service or a port-to-port service or something in between, our team of sea freight shipping specialists will make sure your cargo reaches your destination safe and sound and on time.
Air Freight
Our specialists are dedicated to finding cost-saving solutions that focus on quick transit, communication, consolidation, and intermodal opportunities for international air freight services. We provide end-to-end services such as import and export documentation, procedure proficiency, IATA-licensed import & export air services, in-bond air or truck shipments, air consolidation services with global chartering or split-chartering options, and fast local and global freight tracking or deferred transit options. All this to offer you the best international air freight experience.
We apply global knowledge to local know-how to provide flexible solutions at competitive rates. We offer a range of intermodal transportation services, Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less Than Truck Load (LTL) shipping, for international overland and domestic shipping, in both local and cross cities. Having our own fleet of trucks in multiple locations and agreements with top third-party transporters, we offer reliable shipments of your goods.
For your temperature sensitive commodities, we offer reefer freight. Choose your desired global freight services, from land to air to sea freight shipping, and we'll get you cooled off. To cover the full supply chain, we can provide third-party reefer storage.
Ask for Logistical Support
Whatever your local or global express logistics needs are, we are here to support you. From storage to commodity handling, our team is ready to make your business flourish, and help with packing, labeling, repacking, bundling or any other service.
Facilities Management
Whatever your local or global express logistics needs are, we are here to support you. From storage to commodity handling, our team is ready to make your business flourish, and help with packing, labeling, repacking, bundling or any other service.
We offer diverse warehousing options with maximum agility cost-efficient competitive pricing. Our state-of-the-art warehouses are certified and equipped to store your commodities at the highest standards. Our network of top-line warehouses and terminal yards cover Tianjin (China), Jebel Ali (UAE), Jeddah and Dammam (KSA) as well as Charlotte, North Carolina (USA). We aim to improve our services with efficient inventory control, network design for better communication and workflow analysis that provide you with a competitive advantage.
Project Logistics
Our global team guarantees cost-effective best-in-class solutions to your goods' shipments. We give innovative and flexible solutions that ensure security, safety, and compliance. We are fully equipped to handle heavy equipment and machinery, in-gauge, out-of-gauge, and bulk cargo services, as well as on-site packing for oversized, sensitive, or heavy cargo.
Ask for More
Our aim is to provide you with the ultimate solution. Even if we're not handling your shipments, we are happy to take care of insurance, customs and paperwork so that you can focus on your business.
Customs Brokerage
With our customs brokerage service, we manage our work to avoid costly delays, service failures, fines, and seizure of goods. Our holistic custom clearance services anticipate and eliminate any chance of error, delivering greater control and reduced supply chain risk. Our customs brokerage is available for sea, land and air freight shipping, including shipments that we are not handling ourselves.
Your shipment will go through many steps before reaching its destination. We make sure the procedure goes smoothly and without any issues. Your shipments will be secured against loss or damage via third-party cargo insurance, so that your goods arrive to their destinations intact and on schedule.
Bespoke Solutions For Your Industry
At GES, we understand that industries have various needs, and not all commodities should be handled the same way. We carefully study each industry and tailor the right solution for it.

Having one of the shortest shelve lives, and a high sensitivity to storage conditions and temperatures, perishables are the commodities to avoid for many industries. At GES- Logistics, we love a challenge, especially one that we know how to handle. We employ multi-modal transportation that combines reefer containers, reefer trucks and temperature-controlled air services with the right storage to ensure your goods remain fresh. Our proactive team will make sure all paperwork is done once, so that your products don’t lose shelf life waiting for documentation.

Whether you are looking for shipping, storage and delivery management, or acombination of them, we make sure we move as fast as your fast-moving consumer goods! We carefully study the seasonality of each product we handle and plan ouractivities around it. Our team is always ready to move, store, pack, bundle anddistribute your goods just in time for your next campaign, while Knowing how vitalit is to never be off the shelves. We monitor your stocks and flag when your stocksreach the reorder point.

Our long experience handling freight and logistics services for chemicals means youare in for a hassle-free experience. Through international air freight, land freight, and sea freight services, our team of DG experts will assess your products and identify the class they belong to, before processing the required documentation.We offer complete local and global transport services, while taking all safetymeasures and compliance with transport legislations and regulations. Not to mention our top-notch local and global freight tracking services, that ensure the shipment status. Our state-of-the-art DG warehouse in Tianjin, China, is equipped with multiple chambers for various types of chemicals, accommodating multiple classes.

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, compliance with regulations that ensure theefficiency of products can literally be a life-or-death matter, as it is literally alife-or-death matter. We provide safe transportation of pharma goods, proper storage in multiple temperature areas including cold chain solutions, and monitoring that is essential to guarantee the usability of the products.

Nothing is worse than new furniture that looks old. Mishandling furniture means itcan reach its destination scratched, torn, or swollen. At GES we make sure furnitureitems are packed, stored and transported in the right conditions to deliver thefurniture to its destination in pristine state. Our shipping company will deliverthe product to its destination in pristine condition. We are strategically locatedin furniture production hubs, where we host international logistics and worldwideexpress shipping services with furniture industry specialists across Asia and theAmericas.

For years, we have been trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry.Cosmetics should not only be stored properly in order to maintain their quality butshould also be handled with care so that their packaging always reflects theirconveyed beauty. We offer well-established and active local and internationallogistics, coping with a growing need of supply, so that you are always ready tolaunch your new collection.